What is Travel Notifier?

Travel Notifier is an IPhone app that notifies you when you are approaching one or more locations that you have setup. Travel Notifier supports multitasking and notifies you even when you are not using your IPhone or when you are using another app.

With the new Facebook integration you can automatically notify your friends e.g. just before you arrive at the party.


On the way home

Nothing is more annoying to oversleep your stop. E.g. after a night out in town with friends or a long day of work. Add your stop to Travel Notifier and relax. You will be notified when your train or bus is approaching your stop. 

On the way to work

Doze on the way to work, why not? Work concentrated in the train, no problem. Just add your stop to Travel Notifier and relax or work concentrated without fearing to miss your stop.

While travelling

Use Travel Notifier when travelling with car, train or bus. You will never miss a point of interest again.

Define Many Locations

  • Define as many alarm location as you like.
  • Alarms can be active for more then one location.
  • The distances for all locations are shown in the alarm list.
  • Distances can be shown in miles and kilometers.

Notify you Friends on Facebook

  • Connect with Facebook and automatically notify your friends when your are near you destination.

Define Alarm Distances

  • For each alarm you can define a alarm distance.
  • For each alarm you add a title e.g. Home, Work etc.